Imagine a photocopier that prints like silkscreen: a Risograph is a machine which has escaped corporate offices to find its true self in the underground and indie art scene. Our GR3770 loves printing posters and fanzines (but not only that!) with eleven different color drums to choose from.

Would you like to know more, do you have a project to print or would you like to ask some questions?

contact us!

What we have:

  • A 600dpi Risograph GR3770 (built in glorious 1998)
  • Color drums:
  • Paper
  • A professional stapler for binding ‘zines
  • A paper cutter
  • A kickass creasing machine
  • A RIP for color separation
  • Personal assistance

What you need:

  • An idea
  • Something black or grey to draw with(markers, china ink, pencil…)
  • OR
  • Digital File(s) in TIFF Format, monochromatic (B/W) and inRGB color mode. Mind that every color needs a different file. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, or are unsure, remember it is also possible to do the color separation on our computer for a small fee…)

Supported print service:
From 0,30 cents per print+paper, (depending on the number of prints and paper quality)

On-Demand ‘Zine/Poster
base price 120€/group
+60€ per participant from the second onwards, up to a maximum of six participants

Atelier Rental: 35€/Hour