Engraving is one of the most ancient printing techniques, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of fashion! Either if you are an expert in search for a place to work and print or a beginner wishing to try this beautiful media, Die Druckstube have you covered.
Last but not least, we are specialized in no-toxic techniques, so as to reduce the impact on health and the environment!

Do you have a Engraving project ? Do you wish to commission us prints, to learn the technique, to use the space or just to ask some questions?

contact us!

What we have:

  • A beautiful printing press. 70×100 cm prints max.
  • Efficient warm plates
  • The chemicals needed
  • Tools for drawing on plate
  • Basic tools for inking your plates
  • Black ink

What you need:

  • Plates of your metal of choice (copper or zinc)
  • Paper
  • Inks of colours other than black


Individual Teaching: 40€/hour + materials (see “what you need” section above)•

3 participants
12 hours (2 appointments 6 hours each)
25€/hour (total 300 €/person) + materials.

Atelier Rental: 35€/Hour