Here at die Druckstube we love fonts, typography and a good-looking text in general. But especially, we like to play with it! Come and meet our 1915 proof press and the semi-automatic Boston Press and stay to print stylish text (or linocut plates) in any color on (almost) any kind of paper.

Would you like a new visit-card with that very cool-looking embossed letters? Classy invitations for your event? An old-school looking poster? Something completely different you wish to talk to us about?

Contact us!

What we have:

  • A 30×50 Profpress, a Boston Press (A5) and a 25×25 cast-iron Screw Bookpress
  • Lead and wood type
  • Brayers and tools for inking and cleaning
  • Personal assistance

What you need:

  • A linoleum or wood plate (in case you want to print it)
  • Paper
  • Ink(s)


On-Demand workshop: 160 €
(4 hours, max 4 participants, +60€/participant)

Atelier Rental: 35€/Hour