Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen allows you to print fine lines and neat clean graphics on paper, cardboard, wood, but also shirts, bags, dresses… Due to its relative ease of use, it is the best technique for printing complicated graphical artworks as well as for decorating and customizing your accessories.

Do you have a design you wold like to see printed, a good idea for some kick-ass posters, some plain old monochrome clothes that need revamping? Or maybe you just want to learn the technique, improve your skills or use our space to print your project? Well, than click on the button and…

contact us!

What we have:

  • Screens suitable for printing on paper and textile (60T to 90T) up to A3+
  • Screens suitable for printing on fabric up to A2+
  • Squegees and tools
  • Coating material
  • An A3+ inkjet printer for transparency films
  • An UV exposure unit
  • Personal assistance

What you need:

  • A substrate to print onto
  • Gloves and an apron
  • Your own screen (in case you want to keep it)
  • Ink(s)


On-Demand workshop:
Base price 250€
(per group, +60€ for every additional participant, up to 4)
6 hours
all inclusive

Atelier Rental: 35€/Hour